• About The School

    Instruments offered at August School of Guitars

    • Guitar – 1st instrument
    • Bass guitar and Ukulele (Hawaiian guitar) – 2nd instruments
    All of the above instruments lessons are offered in private and group format (up to 2 members on a similar level and age group) in 30 min, 45 min and 60 min packages.
    For further details of the syllabus offered at August School of Guitars you can visit the online syllabus to view the presented syllabus by clicking here.
    Guitar Ensembles
    Guitar Ensembles are setup as part of the August School of Guitars curriculum and are hosted on Friday afternoons .
    This is open for students to enroll as a separate package, in order to work with other guitar students from the school. The ensembles are setup on different levels - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced - depending on the students available.
    It is open to students from all different guitar idioms and the arrangements are created based on the amount of students and variety of guitars in the ensemble.
    Online Lessons
    Online lessons via skype are offered, for students who wish study under the August School of Guitars but who cannot reach the premises.
    Proposed Price Structure for 2015
    Individual lessons :
    30 min sessions – R155
    45 min sessions – R232.50
    60 min sessions – R310
    Group lessons :
    30 min sessions – R100
    60 min sessions – R160
    Guitar Ensembles - offered in 60 min sessions for interested students/players at R100 a session.
  • Contact Information Cnr. 9th & 11th Roads, Erand
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